General dentistry.


Examinations & checkups.

Prevention is the best cure! Book today for a complete oral examination.

Children dentistry.

Our experienced dentists have children of their own, and so are wonderful with children. We also provide No-Gap check ups and cleans for children under the age of 13!

Clean & polish.

Give your teeth a squeaky clean feel, all while preventing cavities and gum disease. Your Clean and Polish should be conducted every 6 months for optimal results.

Splints for Grinding, Clenching, Snoring and Sleep Apnoea.

Pain in your jaw on waking can indicate Grinding or Clenching of teeth. Snoring can also be minimised in some cases by using a splint. Book in today for a consultation regarding a customised splint for you.

Sports mouth guards.

Are you a rugby, soccer or boxing athlete? We can create custom mouth guards for protection.

Dentures & Denture Repairs.

We offer full and patial dentures, made from various materials. Repairs and adjustments are part of the service. We can also place implants to help retain your dentures. Enquire today!

Tooth extraction.

Do you have a tooth that needs to be extracted? We offer surgical extraction of wisdom teeth, as well as regular extractions. Our gentle dentists make this experience as painfree as possible.


Is it an emergency? Are you in pain? Call us, and we will accomodate you.

Elderly dental.

Are you a senior or a pensioner? Our practice is wheelchair accessible, and our dentists are trained to cater to your specific needs.

Opening hours.

Monday 8am – 6pm
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Saturday 8am – 3pm
Sunday Closed

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